I/O Systems - S900 I/OSA920S Power Supply

The remote S900 I/O system can be installed in non-hazardous areas or directly in Zone 1 or Zone 2 hazardous area depending on the selected system variant. S900 I/O communicates with the control system level using the PROFIBUS DP standard. The I/O system can be installed directly in the field, therefore the costs for marshalling and wiring are reduced.

The system is sturdy, error-tolerant and easy to service. Integrated disconnection mechanisms allow replacement during operation, meaning that there is no need to interrupt the primary voltage in order to exchange the power supply units.

S900 I/O type S. For installation in hazardous area Zone 1. For connecting intrinsically safe field devices installed in Zone 2, Zone 1 or Zone 0.

SA920S Power Supply for 24 V DC, for redundant termination unit TU921S (TU16R-Ex) in S900 I/O. Do not mix SA910S with SA920S for redundancy (observe Release Notes).

Features and benefits

• ATEX Certification for installation in Zone 1
• Redundancy (Power and Communication)
• Hot Configuration in Run
• Hot Swap functionality
• Extended Diagnostic
• Excellent configuration and diagnostics via FDT/DTM
• G3-coating for all components
• Simplified maintenance with auto-diagnostics
• Powering of communication interfaces and I/O modules
• Hot swap capability in Zone 1
• Redundant powering
• Alarm in case of power failure (with redundancy)
• Switching On by tighten the 4 switch-on interlock screws